Snorkelling in Melbourne.

Hi everyone, Richard here again with another blog post for Inshore Saltwater Angler, the my sporting, fitness and exercise lifestyle blog.

In my first post I mentioned 2 different spots where I had been Saltwater fishing, Florida and Melbourne.  Today I thought I would go into more details on Melbourne, and one of the other activities me and my partner engaged in there, Snorkeling.  

Snorkeling is something which I had previously done a handful of times.  I’d always found it rather cool but got bored fairly easily.  This might have been because of the places where we had snorkeled which had only really had a few different fish.  

We hadn’t decided to go snorkeling in Melbourne prior to getting there, and thought instead we would focus 7 out of the 14 days we were there on fishing and dedicate the other 7 days to beaching and shopping, my other favourite pastimes.  

Snorkeling with dolphins

One day my partner signed us both up to a snorkeling tour which lasted 4 hours, and took us out to Port Phillip Bay.  When we got out there was only 18 of us on the boat, and we were able to go out far enough and follow a school of dolphins as they swam through the waves.  We got off the boat and swam alongside the dolphins, and managed to even swim with some Seals which was truly amazing.   If you’re like me and not sure whether snorkeling is for you then I can truly recommend giving it another shot and making sure that you head somewhere you can see things.

Since this trip me and my partner have been snorkeling in many other places, we’ve managed to snorkel with Manta Rays, Turtles and Shark off the coast of Malaysia.

I hope this persuades some of you to go snorkelling.