How to Have a Sports Themed Christmas

Hey everyone, hope you are getting ready for this holiday season. My name is Richard, and welcome back to my sports and fitness blog. As Christmas is almost upon us all, I decided to do a little different type of decoration this year and focused only on sports decorations.  I found some great stuff online from

I even got some awesome NFL Winter hats off this neat website for the family to wear around the house on Christmas eve. If you include me, my wife and the two kids we have some very different fan merchandise from many different teams, so I think we will be able to pull this off.

Sports Stocking

This was actually a tradition that I had growing up as a kid and I was really happy when I was able to do it without kids. It works best during hockey season but as long as you save some sports socks from early in the year that’s okay too. All the kids in my family would take one of their socks from the latest sports season be it football, hockey, lacrosse, or squash and that would get hung above the chimney. I have started to expand on this and now me and the misses each have an actual Christmas stocking, but they are from our favourite sports teams and are usually filled with like minded gifts. For example, I am a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers which are black and gold, and my wife is a fan of the Montreal Canadians which are red and blue. I usually get her some goodies matched to the team colors and she does the same for me.

Indianapolis colts NFL Christmas stocking

Sports Team Themed Tree

You want everyone who comes over at Christmas to know how much big of a fan you are of your favourite team, right? Then having a tree specially designed to show your team spirit is what you want to do. To do this, you first have to start with the perfect tree. Unless your team colors involve pine green, you may need to look at artificial trees (Walmart has many colors to choose from) and from there it’s time to let your imagination go wild. Don’t have a tree topper? Use a cap from your favourite sports team, or one of those Santa Hats you always see around this time of year at sports stores. Your ornaments should be creative as well, you can use trading card places neatly or fridge magnets hanging from thread, anything with your team logo on it. You can of course buy team themed ornaments as well however.

non traditional colored Christmas trees

WInterize Your Sports Gear/Memorabilia

If you have anything that is already on display around the house showing of your sports prowess, then change it up a little and and make these items a little more wintry. I have a picture of my mantle of the trip me and my wife took snorkelling in Melbourne, and just yesterday I put some of that fake snow on the glass to give myself a little Santa Claus beard. For something that won’t get you into as much trouble, maybe use tinsel or ribbon and just go around the outside of the picture frames.

Sports Themed Presents!

If you have any kids, then you know that presents are usually the most important part of your holiday season, or at least it is to them. I do really enjoy the presents that me and my wife get for each other, she is a smart cookie and has got me all my favourite fishing gear. This year I got the kids their own sports equipment’s, I know my oldest wants to get into football more so he got a visor, neck roll, gloves, sleeves and a new set of cleats from My youngest wants to get into hockey and more specifically goalkeeping so he gets a full goalie set with face mask, chest pad, leg pads, blocker, mitt and a nice goalie stick plus some new skates.

Sports Food!

Another thing you need to complete your sports themed Christmas is some traditional sports food. You can choose to either have some sports themed appetizers and party snacks throughout the holiday season, or you can choose to have a big game day meal instead of turkey day. We are doing both, and watching lots of football and hockey games as well. You can’t have a sporty holiday without the winter classic and the Christmas game. I hope this has given you guys some ideas for how to incorporate sports more into your holidays this season. If you have any suggestions on how to make it more sporty, please let me know via private message or comment below. Enjoy your holidays everybody, merry Christmas.


sports themed Christmas dinner