Welcome to my Sports and Fitness blog.

Hi everyone.  My name is Robert, and welcome to my new blog; Inshore Saltwater Angler.  

As you can tell I’m a big fan of sports and fitness, and in particular I love saltwater fishing.

I’ve always been a big fan of many different types of Sports. Growing up me and my dad used to spend every Sunday out at the local sports ground.  It wouldn’t matter what was being shown we would be there come rain or shine, and occasionally sleet or blizzard, watching and supporting our local boys.  

5 years back me and my partner went down to Florida, Tampa to have a mini holiday.  One of the greatest parts of the trip was when we went Saltwater fishing, and both of us loved it.  We spent a weekend out on the boat and managed to catch some great fish.  It was a truly amazing experience.  Ever since then any chance we can we head out to go fishing and love every moment of it.  Last year we went to Melbourne Saltwater fishing, and next year we hope to head somewhere else.  

Thanks for stopping by and reading, I hope you enjoy reading my blog.